G:NOME   Polymorphism

Polymorphsim is the first full-length recording resulting from the collaborative project between classical composer/songwriter Brent (Mr.) Goodbar and experimental music artist Alan Herrick of Nux Vomica

Polymorphism clearly defies genre categorization. Solo piano compositions have been combined with synthesis, spoken word and sound sculpture to create distinct "explorations" and "concepts". The focus of the material was on that of self-realization and is presented through music and words that explore virtue, fear, discovery, and conscience. The listener is provoked to consider situations such as discovery of psychedelics (Accidental Serendipity), the environment (A unique cover of Pink Floyd's Breathe), virtuous serial killing (...virtue), animal testing (Life as a Ghost), and a David Lynch accompanied reflection on transcendental meditation (The Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit of Negativity), to name a few.

In addition to the more overt concepts, several instrumental tracks of a more "soundtrack" nature offer explorations both far away and within. Concepts such as isolation (Arctic Revelations), reflection (Dark Little Secrets), and revelation (The Inevitability of Time) are presented in several pieces that paint a distinct landscape that absorb the listener.

track listing

 Accidental Serendipity
 Life as a Ghost
 Dark Little Secrets
 The Inevitability of Time
 Arctic Revelations
 Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit of
 Rituals of the Ancients
 The Monitoring Well

liner notes:
brent goodbar appears courtesy of mr. goodbar music (mrgoodbarmusic.com)

alan herrick appears courtesy of nux vomica (www.nuxvomica.net)

legal stuff:
breathe (waters, gilmour, wright) copyright 1973 EMI Records Ltd

david lynch appears courtesy of david lynch & open source audio (www.archive.org)