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Every once in a while one of our artists needs to give away some music or an entire release - or we find something in the archives that we just have to share with everyone. Enjoy the fun and fill the earholes with the wonderful noise!

Various - The Sun Will Rise

an inter-netlabel compilation for japanese relief

As everyone is no doubt aware, Japan was hit with a major natural disaster on March 11th. The country's citizens are in dire need of humanitarian aid. The netlabel scene is based on the ideas of charity, moral action, and global awareness, so it is only fitting that we produce a compilation with those principles in mind to assist those who are in urgent need. It just needed to be organized - and so I put out a call to musicians and netlabels to help. The response to the project was immense and immediate. Music submissions, offers of help with various aspects of the project, and plenty of encouragement began to pour into my inbox. In fact, there were so many submissions that I had to assemble a team to evaluate them. Numerous netlabels stepped forward with offers to post the compilation on their own sites. In doing this, we are overcoming the traditional limitations of physical media and its distrubition. There is no label of origin; every participating label is a part of one greater effort. Talented artists submitted their artwork for every aspect of the project. Every image for this entire project - the logo, the cover art, website backgrounds - was given freely to this effort. Even the name of the project was selected by the community.

I am overjoyed to present this compilation to the world. I hope that this will be an example of what can be done with free music and free art - that we don't have to profit from our work to do good things in this world. No one involved in this project will receive even the smallest amount of monetary compensation for their work here. This is charity in its truest sense. This is for Japan.

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Cloud Shepherd
Live on (dis)PERSE Dispatch 3.18.2011
Cloud Shepherd (previously known as Free Rein) is a trio based in Oakland, California. They specialize in soundtracks to an abyss. This recording is a live performance recorded in the Auricular Records Studios for episode #13 of the (dis)PERSE Dispatch radio show broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands.
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Alientology: Live in Studio A at KDVS 9.16.10
mA+H Lewis and Cary Vandever lead Noisepsalm on a sonic reinterpretation of tracks they have previously released and performed and journeys into a sonic universe of alien lifeforms and the outer limits of mind and soul. From within Studio A of KDVS, Noisepsalm unleashes a ferocious yet beautiful beast.
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Ron Anderson and Friends
Live at Kaleidoscope Records 04.08.90
(aka Auricular Records) San Francisco, CA
Ron Anderson Live at Kaleidoscope Records, San Francisco, CA April 8, 1990 One of the first in-store musical performances at Kaleidoscope Records, which was later to be known as Auricular Records. This show featured instrumentation by Ron Anderson on electric guitar and metal box of scrap, Ed Osborne on guitar and an early appearance of the electric ski, and Fred Lonberg-Holm on electric cello. Laurence Kopel provided vocals during a portion of the show as well. The performance started in the store but eventually moved out onto the street, treating the entire neighborhood to a rather raucous set of improv jazz and chaos. [ download free at ]

Guide to Wellness
Fully embracing his style of introspective yet refreshing satire, Rhedcerulean offers a free download of one of his self hypnosis music projects featuring special guide Tim Halbom. Explore the possibilities of communicating with your unconscious processing, to find solutions for sickness and symptoms.
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Cliff Neighbors
Skidoy Systems
Originally released as a cassette only in 1992 by Auricular Records. The tracks have been minimally remastered. Cliff Neighbors is known for his work with Deathranch, Big City Orchestra, Crawling with Tarts and more recently performances with composer Cheryl Leonard.
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Nux Vomica & Freeland
Burning Starscapes in the Red Sun: A Live Process
This recording is a collaborative effort between Gustavo Pastre (Freeland) and Alan Herrick (Nux Vomica). The audio process was mixed live on November 28, 1992 as a part of an ambient environment installation. Sources used to generate this process were multiple turntables, compact disc players, tape decks and effects processors. Pre-existing sources were mixed, processed and output within the environment.
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Malleus Malleficarum
The Malleus Maleficarum (Latin for "The Hammer of Witches", or "Hexenhammer" in German) is one of the most famous medieval treatises on witches - written in 1486 by Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, and published in Germany in 1487 - it challenges all arguments against the existence of witchcraft and instructs on identity, interrogatation and conviction of witches. (warning: contains adult language) [ download free from ]

Nux Vomica
Lines on the Island of Utopia
Released in 1991 in a limited edition cassette only format. Now remastered and re-edited to return to an "as originally intended" state.
Part 1: Recorded live in 1991 - This live improvised performance occurred at KFJC in Los Altos Hills CA on the Mr. Hate Show. The track had originally been broken into segments due to some extreme noise from station equipment during quiet spots and was the entire first side of a cassette only release in the early 90's. The original recording was unearthed and the track has been repaired back to its intended form.
Part 2: Live improvised performance recorded at the Kennel Club in San Francisco. Originally featured as side 2 of the cassette only release and has now been remastered.[ download free from Bandcamp ]

Live at Kaleidoscope Records 09.05.90
(aka Auricular Records) San Francisco, CA
In 1990, Masami Akita and Reiko A. graced the United States with a tour of performances of their singularly unique noise. For many this was the first chance to see Merzbow live and the first chance to be engulfed in the absolute ocean of sound that is a Merzbow performance.
[ download free at ]

Brook Hinton
Live at Auricular Records Dec. 7, 1991
Founder of the Subelectric Institute label, member of Kingshouse, Hinton-Templare, Big City Orchestra, Sense/Net, and Negativland contributor to Negativland stopped by Auricular Records. Brook created a wonderul synthesized soundart environment with the unique sounds and qualities that are specific to his work.
[ download free at ]

Elliot Sharp
Live at Auricular Records October 19, 1991
American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer Elliot Sharp stops by Auricular Records during his tour of the area in 1991. He pioneered ways of applying fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors to musical composition and interaction. Sharp joined us just about the time of the release of Twistmap, Tocsin and Trick Moon. [ download free at ]

Gen Ken Montgomery
Live at Auricular Records 9/29/91
Live in-store performance by Gen Ken Montgomery at Auricular Records in San Francisco, CA on September 29, 1991. Gen Ken is an x-sound artist who has been working since the late 1970s with primitive homemade electronics, tape recordings of noisy real-world devices. Gen Ken was also founder of the Generator Sound Art Gallery, NYC, (1989-1992) and Generator Sound Art Inc. [ download free at ]

Foundation for Public Broadcasting
Live at Auricular Records Oct 14 1990
Experimental soundart collage masters Foundation for Public Broadcasting performing live in 1990 at Auricular Records in San Francisco. Utilizing scanners, radios, consumer electronics, toy samplers, and a myriad of other sound treats FPB weave a complex web of audio art. [ download free at ]

KK Null and Scott Ayers (Pain Teens)
Live at Kaleidoscope Records September 19 1990
(aka Auricular Records) San Francisco, CA
Pain Teens was an experimental noise rock band formed in Houston, Texas in 1985 by Scott Ayers and Bliss Blood. The band used tape manipulation, digital delays, sampling, tape cut-ups and other effects in their music. KK Null (born Kazuyuki Kishino in Tokyo) is a Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist. Put the two together in Auricular Records and turn up the volume and this is what you get. [ download free at ]

Nux Vomica
Live at KFJC Studios March 19 1992
Nux Vomica performing live at KFJC Studios March 19 1992 in Los Altos Hills California This is most likely a performance from the Mr.Hate show on KFJC. Probably one of the louder, more industrial sounding Nux Vomica recordings of this time period. There are several times where the level on the soundboard are completely pegged and some pretty insane noise is being broadcast - only to drop off into the more relaxing sounds that Nux Vomica were more known for. Cast includes Alan Herrick, Jenny Liang Herrick and Evan Sornstein [ download free at ]

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