(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 16 – 04.08.2011

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 16 

broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands

Audio stream archived at mixcloud.com

date: 04.08.11

hosted and produced by: Alan Herrick

Chiodata Matutinal Apenas Paisaje 06:00
Christian Fennesz Menthol Field Recordings 1995:2002 03:52
Chine Nual Concerning Wishes Tomorrows Leaders Are Busy Tonight 07:18
Various Artists Air Power Admiral Stereo Demo 00:49
Dada Action Group Quickly Broken At Leisure Peak the Source Vol.1 05:12
Densi I Like To Be Alone Other Feelings 06:21
Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer Contrails and Mountains Correspond 05:03
Various Artists Jet Admiral Stereo Demo 01:21
Daniel Maze Monkey Gone To Heaven Doolittle 03:42
Ghostkid Hopeful for a Future (part 2) The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering 02:39
Sonic Youth Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia Simon Werner a Disparu 01:18
Chick Floyd Samoan Knife Dance Hula La 01:48
Caryn Lin In Cold Blood Tolerance for Ambiguity 02:13
btb ybrk id brkid 05:39
Radio Klebnikov Koffie in Freiburgh Peak the Source Vol.1 04:41
a:urban It’s Chill! (Drum ‘n’ Ambience) Episode:One 05:12
Elsia Luu Propolis Ebbrezza 05:29
Amy Hiller Note To Self Mine All Mine Records IV 02:49
Parachute Pulse A Well Staring At The Sky Kingdom 05:50
Micronoises Radioactive Mobility Space 05:31
Quonset Slut Hair Quonset Slut 06:56
Violence and the Sacred August Peak the Source Vol.1 02:49
Francis Dhomont Il Ritorno Cycle de l’errance 05:15
Head of Femur 80 Steps to Jonah Ringodom or Proctor 06:03
Four Tet You Were There With Me Everything Ecstatic 05:53
Harmonia Schaumberg Live 1974 10:49
Brian Eno Signals Apollo 02:47