What’s New on the Net Label Table? Installment #007

this review was initially published at Netlabelism.com

Artist: Spheruleus
Title: Forgotten Outland
Label: Resting Bell [rb094]

Harry Towell has produced several releases under the guise of Spheruleus, often inspired by his rural Lincolnshire surroundings. His most recent audio endeavor – Forgotten Outlands, released on the Resting Bell Netlabel – is a gorgeous reflection of the rustic and bucolic tranquility of the region.  The three tracks chosen for this aggregation were intended as “A short collection of deliberately loose and degraded instrument samples and field recordings”. Each track has a particular gloominess or emptiness which still manages to capture what the countryside might have felt like as it thrived. The field recordings mixed with the blurred more traditional instrumentation of guitar, vibraphone, zither, violin and more creates a soft bed of wandering curiosities. The remarkable aspect of this recording is that it does not present as a soundscape but rather as a collection of long drawn-out melodies struggling to have their notes heard, although timeworn and buried beneath years of decay. Each melody, much like the landscapes they represent, still holds the memory of a time when it thrived bountifully. This is a release imbued with a delicate beauty and slightly solemn feeling of curiosity and discovery. Towell’s exposure to the realm of ambient and the electro-acoustic movement not only runs deep, but his obvious talents within it are exemplified in his offering of Forgotten Outland.

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