(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 14 – 03.25.11

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 14
broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands
Audio stream archived at mixcloud.com
date: 03.25.11
hosted and produced by: Alan Herrick

Drone for Crow Insumthinmagma Subnormal Electric Dreams 08:27
Chapter10 Outroduction Dingy Dysu Bare Screeches 04:04
Night Again Steve Tibbetts Acoustibbetts 06:57
Very, Very Hungry Brian Eno & David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 03:21
Polaroid vs Come In From The In Crowd SCKE // & Rev OL Holliday Nux Vomica Mix 04:25
The “In” Crowd Dobie Gray Sings For ‘In’ Crowders That Go ‘Go Go’ 02:53
Murashynyja Marshy Buben vs Volha Hapeyeva Неизвестный диск 04:34
Chandoha Steve Tibbetts Elektrobitts 05:43
ABC Condom Motorist = Trunks Tony Fluorescent Grey Antique Electronic Synthesizer Greats 1955 – 1984 Pt 1 03:09
Sur le mode de ta phalange des Achnn 08:19
Serpentine Foetus (w/ Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch) Don’t Fear The Reaper 03:42
Wish I Were Holding You Hand Right Now Vägskäl Last Summer 04:24
Probe Interconnect Datacrashrobot Asynchronous I/O 04:10
One Foul Shape Floating Eye Syndrome 03:23
Studio Muhmood Tamara and Demon 03:11
Central Scrutinizer Frank Zappa Joe’s Garage 03:28
A Morning Excuse Amon Düül II Vive La Trance [Bonus Tracks] 03:19
Track 02 Mofodishu Rythmn is for Gals 01:47
Andaluces Flor De Loto Madre Tierra 04:11
(Tag) Frankie Goes to Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasuredome 00:35
(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco The Residents Subterranean Moderne 02:00
Squirt Fluke Risotto 06:16
White In Lieu Fuck Crz 04:25
Gondellied (Gaya) Allerseelen Edelweiss 04:21
Gone Today Fourteen Twentysix Lighttown Closure 03:51
Protect Your Homeland [phace-it!] Kybrid_2010 06:49
TDA1022 Acriel 03:25
Eyelids Closed, As In A Dream PBK Macrophage / The Toil And The Reap 09:17
The Train’s Bar Ambiansu Falésia 3 05:24
Zero Is Enough Merankorii Zero Is Enough 09:00

The final track is an edit – the radio show continued for an additional hour presenting the entire Zero is Enough mix by Merankorri – a mix of Enough Records tracks, a compilation available free from http://merankorii.blogspot.com/2010/0…