Flashbulb’s Official Video for “Undiscovered Colors”

Benn Jordan, the man behind Flashbulb, combines real instruments and electronic programming to create rich soundscapes. His last album, Soundtrack to a Vacant Life, was a masterpiece covering many diverse genres including: IDM, post-rock, metal, and even flamenco.

The Flashbulb will be touring throughout the summer of 2010 to support his new album, Arboreal. Performances will include live electronics created with computers, keyboards, various MIDI controllers, and a MIDI guitar complete with an immersive realtime visual show. For those interested in hosting the Arboreal tour, submit a booking request or simply contact Psymbolic.

The official video for the new song “Undiscovered Colors” is an astonishing orchestration of time-lapsed landscapes shot primarily in the badlands (Pine Ridge region) of South Dakota.

Born in 1978 and raised in the sketchy Ashburn district of South Chicago, Benn Jordan began playing jazz influenced guitar before reaching the age of attending school. Without any proper musical training, his awkward style of inverted guitar playing and composition knew few restrictions and eventually panned out into full blown albums recorded on tape machines in his bedroom in the mid 1990’s.

Being a one man band, Jordan grew quite fond of electronic instruments, which for a period of a few years dominated his compositions as he gained worldwide notoriety as an avant-garde electronic musician using the name “The Flashbulb”. In more recent years (and 30-something album releases later), Jordan has focused his efforts on writing more cinematic pieces and using an instrumental style closer to his roots.

On the other side of releasing music and touring, Jordan has become a sought after film and television composer, most notably writing for Dove’s viral “Evolution” campaign, and branding trademark melodies for companies such as General Mills and Toyota. These two worlds have merged in his hugely successful album “Soundtrack To A Vacant Life”, which is one of the first albums in the genre of cinematic music to receive mainstream attention without being attached to a feature film. Benn Jordan is a signed artist represented as The Flashbulb via the multimedia label known as Psymbolic.