(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 12 – 03.10.11

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 12

broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands

Audio stream archived at mixcloud.com

date: 03.10.11

hosted and produced by: Alan Herrick

Big City Orchestra Mediant Cockamame 08:50
Thomas Park and Conure Bow Cycle Fragments and Connections 04:54
Instagon Sleepwalking Sleepwalking 08:44
William S. Burroughs Abandoned Artifacts Flexi 03:11
Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko Kaikyo Japanese Drums 03:48
Vieux Farka Toure Diallo Sound Of The World 07:12
Krzystzof Komeda Rosemary’s Baby Theme (Lullabye) Rosemary’s Baby OST 02:21
Miles Davis Nature Boy Collector’s Items 06:19
La Société des Timides à la parade des Oiseaux Le Bris Agentreur Le Combat Occulté 01:02
Klaus Flouride Akiko Because I Say So 03:13
Elizabeth Ayoub Ya Oud Sound Of The World 05:22
Ele7 Track 4 Open Air 05:07
Vox Populi Miveye Bahar Open Skies 04:42
Mystified Plunderman 6 Return Of Plunderman 04:10
Bokor Violence is a Precision Instrument Marines 07:45
1HOME 1H – NOCTURN I 3Nocturns 02:25
precocious mouse grey circuits 2_3/.dll (grey circuits) 04:00
The Cruels Impulse Infesto (EP) 01:29
Zreen Toyz Aesthetic Telluric Movements Aesthetically Nebulous 06:57
Nasienie Mountain I Know Haunting Last Spring 02:10
Thomas Park and Conure Another Early Connection Fragments and Connections 04:06
Juana Molina Malherido Sound Of The World 03:53
The Dwindlers What the Wolves Said Brave New World 04:19
Venetian Veil Imbalancing Element N/A 05:23
Alister Flint Uchuu Uchuu 10:35
Keiji Haino Untitled Track 4 Tenshi no gijinka 05:34