(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 10 – 02.25.11

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 10

broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands

Audio stream archived at mixcloud.com

date: 02.25.11

hosted and produced by: Alan Herrick

Stile Antico Tallis: In Manus Tuas Music For Compline 02:41
Acid Android A Lull in the Rain Purification 09:57
Crawling With Tarts Cameo Operas 06:37
Gustavo Santaolalla Tazarine Babel 01:46
Sun City Girls Hatchling (Folklore of the Nest) Piasa…Devourer of Men 02:11
Diamanda Galas Baby’s Insane La Serpenta Canta 04:41
Saqqara Dogs Young Urban Sprawl Thirst 05:02
Susumu Yakota Gekkoh Babel 04:52
Danielle Dax Tower of Lies Pop-Eyes 02:20
David Sylvian World Citizen – I Won’t Be Disappointed Babel 05:48
po The Sound of Summer Silence The Sound of Summer Silence 05:32
Pole Streit Pole 2 05:58
Laurie Anderson La Langue d’Amour United States Live 04:48
Múm Grasi Vaxin Göng Loksins Erum Við Engin 04:51
Yuji Koseki Mothra’s Song (Mothra) The Best Of Godzilla 1954-1975 02:23
Pokket Table Sixteen Two Clicks To Hades 05:41
Xavier Cugat Mambo gitano MAMBO! Vol. 1 03:13
Barry Adamson Split Soul Murder 03:59
Dr Shinto Refusal (The Right To Mix) By Nux Vomica 07:23
Espers Espers – 07 – Moon Occults the Sun Espers II 06:47
Hellebore Eclate/3 Eme/Apres Il y a des jours 06:12
Bondage Fruit Mobile II 04:58
Boom Bip The Unthinkable (Venetian Snares Remix) Corymb 03:58
Cheryl E. Leonard N…chte 2.2 Vague Terrain 15 02:03
Buck Owens Satan’s Got To Get Along Without Me The Devil’s Rejects 01:59
Aymeric de Tapol Zar Origami 05:52
A.B.G.S. Air-Raid Shelter Dortmunder Feld – 24/01/92 Echte 02:08