(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 8 – 02.11.11

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 8

broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands

Audio stream archived at mixcloud.com

date: 02.11.11

hosted and produced by: Alan Herrick

This episode of (dis)PERSE Dispatch featured a 2-hour live performance by San Francisco Bay Area experimental music trio Nux Vomica.

The present members of Nux Vomica have been performing together, as a unit, for the past twenty years. Each with a unique and active history within the experimental music field.

Nux Vomica utilize sound processing, electronics, found sounds, and aural sculpture to achieve a unique and trance like sound environment. The sounds travel from peaceful to terrifying containing elements from the ambient and ethno-influenced to industrial and create a personal soundtrack for the individual listener.

For the realization of this performance Nux Vomica was: Alan Herrick, Jenny Liang Herrick and Evan Sornstein