(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 6 – 01.29.11

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 6

broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands

Audio stream archived at mixcloud.com

date: 01.29.11

hosted by: Alan Herrick

Port Said Opium Wars Through Veils 07:04
Idle Sunder Eradication of Possibility Psygnosis II 06:45
Traditional Musicians Tiszaújfalui Tekeromuzsika (Hurdy-gurdy Music Of Tiszaújfalu) Musiques populaires 03:40
Foul Shape Mx7D Floating Eye Syndrome 05:51
Mickey Hart & Zakir Hussain I Can Tell You More Global Drum Project 04:55
Caceres, Juan Carlos Triste Febrero Rough Guide To The Music Of Argentina 02:58
ZMG The Sect – p3 The Sect 01:24
Idle Sunder Submergence Psygnosis II 05:26
Women From Karád Elvetettem A Lenemet Musiques populaires 01:51
Herd Tangent 36 Tangents 32 – 39 03:48
Takeshi Nakamura Monomaniac Music For 14 Years Old 05:41
Priori Modified Travel The Glass Mirror 03:37
bell monks among the stars lullabies 04:39
Julie London Watermelon Man Wild, Cool & Swingin 02:36
Nobuto Suda Fragment Of The Sun Ecotone 03:54
Greater Than One Dear Ol’ Blighty Dance Of The Cowards 05:23
The Real Tuesday Weld Bathtime in Clerkenwell I, Lucifer 02:51
Off Land Ceremony, part 2 Anniversary EP 04:20
My Solid Ground Melancholie My Solid Ground 04:16
The One AM Radio This Is A Document A Name Writ In Water 01:27
Jorge Reyes & Suso Saiz Lunajero Cronica De Castas 03:38
The Tiger Lillies Banging In The Nails The Brothel to the Cemetery 02:16
P16.D4 10 up/3 down Acrid Acme (of) P16.D4 03:16
If, Bwana Ed Barnes We Know Time 04:01
My Boyfriend the Pilot x’d 1/4 – (live) raped by an angel 07:00
Musafir Rythms Mandir Gypsies Of Rajasthan 03:44
Kris Cadwell Journey to the ants No-R-mal II 01:40
101 Strings Theme from “Charade” Love Songs From the Movies 02:49
The Real Tuesday Weld The Life and Times of the Clerkenwell Kid I, Lucifer 03:43
Tarentel Pneuma The Order Of Things 02:35
Uitgezonderd Long Walk Home Burning giraffes at Sea 06:10