(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 0.5beta 12.10.10

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Playlist: Episode 0.5beta

broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands

date: 12.10.10

hosted by: Alan Herrick

Electric Sea Spider Tumbleweed Mohican Beats (EP) Mine All Mine!
Gintas K So On So On Cronica Electronica
Noisepsalm White Owl Death Mask Auricular Records
Noisepsalm Machine Gun Rapture Death Mask Auricular Records
Greater than One We are the People with the Human Fist All the Masters Licked Me K=K Recordings
Andrez Bergen Convert to Mono Convert to Mono Auricular Records
Miro II S/T Clinical Archives
Paolino Canzoneri TNW b + 4 TNW (EP) Brusio Netlabel
Precocious Mouse Particle Tooth (EP) Brusio Netlabel
My Boyfriend the Pilot Center of Changes Cleared Touch & Go Auricular Records
Zoe Keating Hello Night Into the Trees artist released
Inachus One Various Arists: Volume I Hawk Moon Records
Space Gambus Experiment Sonik Al Kosmik Space Gambus Experiment SGE
Kynn Eleet gök Enough Dubs 2 Enough Records
Carla Bley End of Rawalpindi Escalator over the Hill JCOA Records
Asmus Tietchens Teilmenge 48 H-Menge 12K/Line
Fira Fem Jabalina Nuevas Mascot Humans Disco Mine All Mine!
Clark Nova Portable Leaving Berlin by Train No Wait Okay Now Luxus-Arctica Records